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July 15 2013

8275 04b3
big bang theory, scissors, sheldon cooper

Image size: 400x400
8488 91f5
bubble, burbuja, cute

Image size: 500x300

July 14 2013

1902 c806
diy, paper, aster

Image size: 604x4090

July 09 2013

7823 6a53
diy, rolled, paper

Image size: 604x1094
3959 dda6
girl, past, paper

Image size: 432x288

July 07 2013

2755 d45a
Sunny, advice, balloons

Image size: 500x335
4903 413b
:), Paper, book

Image size: 500x342
3940 6059
Paper, carry on, forget

Image size: 500x646

July 06 2013

4152 e5f7
Paper, beautiful, boy

Image size: 500x333
1843 a4b2
origami, alien, paper

Image size: 500x600
6033 01e0
break, broken, cutting

Image size: 400x300

July 05 2013

3197 0b18
alice, alice in wonderland, depessing

Image size: 400x302
2697 b30a
Chica, Dream, Hot

Image size: 554x554
3198 c4aa
blame, city, cry

Image size: 400x266
2699 919c
Words to Live By, believe, black

Image size: 403x544
9900 51ab
Get, Paper, hand

Image size: 400x267
9902 d36b
Paper, cute, girl

Image size: 612x612
6737 97cd
I Love You, again, bye

Image size: 500x450
6740 ccec
brunette, cute, dark

Image size: 1280x639
9904 8093
Paper, blue, boy

Image size: 320x279
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